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FREE-Real-Estate-Buying-Seminar-with-Christyna-Butcher-and-Adriana-Ortega Flyer
FREE-Real-Estate-Buying-Seminar-with-Christyna-Butcher-and-Adriana-Ortega Flyer

Homeownership may be the single most important investment you’ll make in your lifetime. This FREE seminar with Christyna Butcher will answer the top questions home buyers have.

Topics Covered:
Decide whether to rent or buy
• Choose a Realtor®
• What is your lifestyle?
• Decide how much you can afford.
• Decide the price, type of home, size,
location, and features you desire.
• Get pre-approved financing
• Decide who you want to work with.
• Once you find a home, you must
carefully inspect it.
Adriana Ortega will be presenting alongside Christyna in explaing the mortgage process for purchasing a new home.

Topics Covered:
What is the term of the loan?
• What is the interest rate?
• Is the rate fixed or adjustable?
• When are the payments due?
• What happens if I make a late payment?
• Are taxes and insurance included in my monthly
• What will my closing costs be? What’s included?

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