Hello Everybody! Hope your week is going great! Thinking of Buying or currently in escrow?  Have you decided what Insurance company will be issuing out your homeowner’s policy?  In this post you will see me with Marilyn Sparks of Farmers Insurance.  She is going to go through specifically some of her products and what she has available to you or any of her clients. So I am going to hand the rest of this video and blog to her and will meet you again at the end.

Hi everyone.  I am Marilyn Sparks from Farmers Insurance, Glendora California and I wanted to talk to you a little about Homeowner’s insurance whether you are a seasoned investor or a First Time Homebuyer.  We want to make sure that we have the right policy for you and your needs. Farmers Insurance has been around for almost a century providing auto and homeowner’s insurance with a variety of other products. Why Marilyn? Because I have a couple of decades’ worth of experience in finance, Real Estate Lending and Insurance.

Farmers Insurance offers three different Homeowner’s Insurance Products.  One can be Customized to fit your specific needs.  We have the Next Generation Home Policy which offers the ultimate in premium coverage with replacement cost value.  Smart Plan Home Enhance at a great coverage and great value.  Smart Home Plan Standard which is our most affordable home package provides custom levels of coverage for the items that matter to you most. Anything else Christyna?

Honestly, you guys, this is a necessity when you own a home or any other property. We did not talk about it in the video but Marilyn also issues out Renters Insurance if you currently rent or lease a property.  Insurance is not just for homeowners.  Not only do I work with Marilyn but we also volunteer with each other. So you will see us out and about in our community. She is honest and hard working for all of her clients and I think that is why we get along well.

To contact Marilyn just click on her name.

Until next time!

Talk to you soon,

Christyna Butcher and Marilyn Sparks