This post is about Successful Open House Top Tips. Regardless of if you are the owner or tenant in a property-it is always nice when you make an effort to help out the Realtor to hold a successful open house.  WE cannot do it without you – Trust me!  And it helps sell the property.  So it is a win/win!

The first 2 open houses are the most crucial. That is something that many do not want to say or hear, but it is true.  The first one brings neighbors and buyer’s that are either being shown properties or that are driving around to give their Realtor the address to look up for more details.  Some may say, “Neighbors, geez.  She just lost me.” But look at it this way, if you had an opportunity to pick your neighbor, would you?  Let your neighbors in and maybe they will be doing exactly that, calling a friend and letting them know about a house on the market, in their neighborhood.

If there are  more than two open houses scheduled, make sure right before the 3rd one, there is a price reduction or there is something that has been done to the property improve value.  For instance, an update or upgrade.  These are generally 2 things that will bring the Buyer’s back to visit the property.  One other quick tip, make sure that prior to doing an update or upgrade you have spoken to your Realtor about where your money will be best spent.  This will help maximize your return when it comes time to sell.

Alright so now on to Successful Open House Top Tips.

  1. Clean    A clean property is a property that will always show nice! I mean there are some things that it won’t make up for, like a bad floorplan but you get what I am saying.  Clean properties just seem to be brighter, open and happy.  So, get someone to help if you think it is too daunting of a task but it is worth the time and money.
  2. De-Clutter   While Buyer’s like to imagine their belongings in your home as they walk through, they can easily get distracted by the “knick-knacks” lying around.  So put them away to help them keep focused.
  3. Detach    Put away the kid’s art from the fridge. Take down the custom family portraits.  Pack up the trophies and awards.  It is easy to have a Buyer walking through the home and have attention brought to these things and sometimes, depending on the item again, it is enough to distract attention and in some instances, it is enough for the Buyer to feel the connection between the family and home.  While this sounds very sweet, realistically, it blocks the Buyer from developing a connection to the home.  I have seen it happen, repeatedly over a life-size oil painting of the family.  Buyers just stopped in their tracks and that was all they spoke about when asked for feedback.
  4. Protect Your Valuables     Make sure you put precious jewelry or family heirloom away and locked up.  As Realtors, we keep track of the traffic coming in and out of your home.  Sometimes, it is easy for us to get into a conversation, with a potential Buyer and miss one exiting your home or not be able to give them a visual frisk before they leave.
  5. Shout it out from the top of the mountain!   Your Realtor will do things to advertise the open house.  Some of these ways may be; flyers t the neighborhood, paper or internet advertising.  One thing that we have in our MLS(multiple listing service) is an Open House Listing. Meaning, we can put in our listings when we are having an open house.  Other Realtors look it up and can provide a copy to a prospect Buyer or print it out for themselves so they can preview the property. As the Seller, you can tell people who you come in contact with about the date and time of the open house.  As for Social Media, you can share your Realtor’s post about the open house.
  6. Setting the Mood   The day of the open house make sure you set the mood.  Do a light dusting, mop the floors, vacuum and clean the mirrors and windows.  Turn on all of the lights and open the doors, (yes that includes the doors to walk-in closets).  It seems everyone has essential oils.  If this pertains to you as well, maybe set up your diffuser with a fresh smelling oil.  Like, lemon or a citrus blend.

Well, that about sums it up! These are Successful Open House Top Tips. I hope they are helpful to you. Until next time, have a great day and a successful open house.  Talk to you soon!