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What is Cross Qualification?

Two different buyers of mine were asked to pre-qualify or get a pre-approval from the Seller preferred lender. What does this mean? When a seller asks a buyer to get pre-qualified or pre-approved by the Seller's preferred lender, this is usually called Cross Qualifying. 

Here are a few things you should know. 

1. Why would the seller ask for this? It is basically an "insurance policy" for the Seller. Lets say you submit an offer, the seller accepts it and your lender comes back and says that they cannot give you a loan. You would then call the Seller's preferred lender and spring them into action with getting you a loan and then closing escrow. 

2. Please know that you and only you have the right to choose your lender. If anyone else tells you that you have to go through a specific one, well then they are wrong. Ask them why?  

3. If you have decided on a lender and have not interest in shopping around, you can have your realtor connect your lender of choice with the Seller's lender of choice. They can work out the cross qualification and you would not even need to say hello!  Sometimes, your credit report that your lender has on file can be used. This means no additional inquiries on your credit report. Hope this is helpful.  

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Talk to you soon, Christyna Butcher

What does being a For Sale By Owner mean?

In today’s video I will be speaking about For Sale by owners, F.S.B.O’s as we call them.  They are Homeowners who are going to sell their own property or home. While this is absolutely a viable option for some. It is not for the faint of heart or short tempered. So today we are going to review what it takes if you are planning to sell your property or home on your own. 

• Pricing
• Marketing/showing
• Negotiating
• Contracts/Disclosures
• Service providers

New or Newer Home Buyer/Owner

In this video I am outlining things that can be done at the time of your home inspection with your inspector or reviewing your home inspection report after it has been completed. Hopefully it can offer some good information and serve as a starting point for questions when moving in and getting comfortable in your new space.


What is an HOA or Homeowners associations? They are private organizations that oversee the management of some residential communities. Interested in knowing more about them, watch this video!

Advise for Sellers

The current real estate market can be intimidating for Sellers. Here are some tips may help with selling your home in any market, even this one!


If you are looking to sell your home but worry about being priced out of the market, you have options. It is called a Contingency for Sale of Buyer's Home. Make sure to disclose to the Seller with your offer! After your offer is accepted, you are off to list, market and sell your home! Keep in mind time is of the essence! You will have an agreed upon number of days for you to accept an offer and put it in escrow and close. Looking for a Realtor with 25+ years in the real estate industry, give me a call/text at 626.261.9093 or comment below. I will talk to you soon!

Sales price negotiable after escrow is open?

Today's subject, is oddly what I am asked by people coming through, wait for open houses, of all things. They will be going through the house and already in escrow on their purchase.  After an exchange of greetings, salutations and a couple of questions, I am asked, “After I open escrow, is the sales price negotiable?"" It is a good question and while I don't answer their question, I dance around it in a way that leads them back to their Realtor.  I have decided to make a video sharing my knowledge and my opinion on this topic because out of 3 open houses; I am asked twice...I mean c'mon!   I feel that this might be a topic for others.

Deferred Maintenance

I wanted to take a few minutes and speak about a topic that even I cringe to bring up...DEFERRED MAINTENANCE.  I figure it is a good time to bring it up with Halloween around the corner and all.

Won't you be my neighbor?

Won't you be my neighbor?  Mr. Rodgers will forever be remembered by generations for this question he brilliantly turned into a song.  California Association of Realtors(C.A.R.) recently came out with a graphic and it gave statistics regarding how we interact with our neighbors and if we know them.  In an odd way, personally reflecting, I know many of my neighbors but is that because I am a Realtor? I am "Gen Xer" so that may also play into it.  According to the stats C.A.R. Gen Xer's are 50% to know their neighbor.

Pre-Sale City Required Inspection Reports

Pre-Sale City Required Inspection Reports are the topic for today's video. While the number of cities that do require a property inspection report are far and few in between especially with all of the cities that we do have in California.  It is worth a video in that, cities in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Riverside county cities that can require this property inspection report.  

Successful Open House Tips

This post is about Successful Open House Top Tips regardless of if you are the owner or tenant in a property - It is always nice when you make an effort to help out the Realtor to hold a successful open house.  We cannot do it without you - trust me! And it helps sell the property by increasing exposure, why not, right? The first 2 open houses are the most crucial.

Real Estate Investment & Exchanges

Hi, Everybody! Are you a Property Investor? Thinking about becoming a Property Investor?  In today’s video, you will find out exactly what a 1031 Exchange is and how it benefits a Real Estate Investor!  Phil Atwan from Exchange Resources is here to get us started with a quick explanation of what a 1031 Exchange is and who it benefits.

1031 Exchange Property Types and Locations

Hey Everybody! I hope this post finds you doing well.  This is Phil Series, Video #2.  Phil Atwan from Exchange Resources is truly just an amazing presence and a great resource to have on any investment team.  I would strongly urge you to contact him if you are thinking of purchasing an investment property (a property that you own and will or already rent) or are re-evaluating your portfolio.  Let him know that you watched our videos!


Hey Everybody! Hope this finds you doing well. Today I wanted to take a minute or so and speak about Contingency.  It has been coming up in the market more and more and really becoming a trend that we are seeing out there.  Some of you may know what it is and some may not.  This video will let you know exactly what it is so you don’t have to question if you know it.